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HTML To PDF Converter Features

Best HTML to PDF converter

Among the hundreds of PDF converter tools out there on the internet,
we are the most liked by users. This is a consequence of the quality
features that we grant to our visitors. We have a bunch of many online
conversion tools, the most popular of which is Online HTML to PDF

Multiple OS and Browsers Supported

The online HTML to PDF converter tool works on almost all operating systems.
Moreover, it works in almost all browsers including popular browsers
like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MS Edge, and Opera.

Remote URL Upload

You can convert your HTML files via remote URLs instead of uploading them.
Click on the "Use Remote URL" option to get started. Then, paste the
link to Google Drive, Dropbox, or other remote file storage platforms. Our
AI will get the file from the source and convert it.

Fastest Online HTML to PDF Converter

The tool is hosted on super fast servers to give users the instant results
they want. So fast that your HTML file will be converted to PDF
within seconds of uploading the file. Even you will not take time to
upload files. You can also send files to the server in a jiffy with the help
of drag & drop or remote URLs.

HTML and HTML Files Format Supported

Since our HTML to PDF converter tool is based on cutting-edge technology,
it also supports the advanced HTML file format of HTML. Whether you
have HTML or HTML file format, you can easily convert it onto a portable document 
by uploading it to our tools.

Auto File Deletion

User privacy and data security are of outstanding importance to us. That's
why we do not keep the files uploaded by the users on our servers for a
long time. Our state-of-the-art AI automatically deletes it after some
time of the conversion process. This is a good feature from the security
point of view that you will hardly find in any other tool.

Layout Preservation

The biggest challenge faced by a tool while converting any file is to keep
its data and layout safe. This PDF converter tool is based on
advanced Artificial Intelligence. It understands the layout of the file well
and preserves it till the end.

How to Convert HTML to PDF Online?

⚫ Choose an HTML file from your local storage to convert to PDF.
      Also, you can use fast features like drag & drop or remote URLs.

⚫ Once the file is uploaded, go for the “Convert” button. This will
      upload the file to our server and the conversion process will be
      started within seconds. Since this is a format conversion process, it
      will surely take the AI a little time to complete the process.

⚫ The HTML file will be displayed on the screen as soon as it is converted
      to PDF. You can then save the newly created PDF file anywhere you
      want. Remember that there may be a difference in the size of HTML
      and PDF files as they are different file formats.

Note: The size of the HTML or HTML file format that you will be uploading should
           not exceed 5MB.


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